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All things art.  Leanna Valente (b. New York City) is a self-taught contemporary artist of mixed media painting, photography and is an avid art blogger (, with a large subscription base since 2010.  She is also a publisher and curator of contemporary, street art and graffiti art.

Referencing her artwork, her most recent fashion based, painting and paper sculpture series originated in 2008 with her “Changing The Art of Fashion“ sold out collectionThe reborn 2017 series incorporate fashion magazine covers, editorials and ads, acrylic paint, inks, spray paint, lots of fabric and sticker embellishments all of types.  Her pieces are then framed in shadow boxes due to depth; paper sculpting of the work and overall height and to allow the fabric to flow.  “I feel fashion magazines from cover to cover are an inspiring, open pallet where I see endless opportunities to change the style and perception of beauty, and fashion through art.”

An avid photographer as well, she has a variety of ongoing photo projects documenting the NYC and Miami art scene.  One such is entitled “Snowglobe;” a continuing series of blurred images of individuals either looking at art or their cell phones in galleries, then splashed with spray paint and adorned Swarovski crystals.  She has been documenting street art and graffiti for 12+ years and often works with friend and legendary photographer Martha Cooper shooting today and yesterdays most top, prolific street artists from the Bronx to Brooklyn to Wynwood, Miami.  These images don’t often sit as mere photos for long, but are also embellished with a variety of paint, papers, sprays and frequent collaborations with the artists she photographs.  

This directly continues onto another project and book in the works for four years titled Instant Art Exposure,” capturing mural street and graffiti artists in progress on Polaroid film, building a singed story timeline.  To date the project boasts over 1,400 photos of most all have the world’s street art and graffiti legends. 

She has curated and published two other books entitled Style Black Book 1 & 2 where street and graffiti artists adorn magic on the covers of fusion magazines, again changing the art of fashion.  Each book has either 68 or 118 pages.

Her love of art of all types began on the streets began while growing up in Western Nyew York and New York City.  Leanna’s education includes a B.A. from SUNY Buffalo in Public Communications and additionally course work in art and design from F.I.T. (NYC), Atlanta College of Art/SCAD (Atlanta, GA) and from local independent artist fellowships in New York City, Miami and Atlanta.  Since 2000, she has participated in over one hundred gallery shows and solo exhibitions throughout the country selling out collections such as Starbucks Corporate, Tischman Speyer, the Swiss Hotel Group, Georgia Pacific, AT&T Corporate, Bo Concepts NYC and many private collectors state and world wide.  Her work and art writing has also been featured in Gothamist, New York Times, Time Out Magazine NYC, VNA (U.K.), Graffiti Tours and additional art blogs and publications throughout the country.