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Leanna Valente is mainly a self-taught artist who’s recent mixed media works of acrylic, spray paint, fabric and photography, evoke imagery from both “the city and high fashion” for an modern, pop-abstract feel.   She began painting at a young and concentrated in art throughout high school, college and beyond with continuing course work at the Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC) and Atlanta College of Art/SCAD in Atlanta, GA.  Her love of graffiti while growing up in Buffalo, NY and New York City has influenced her recent photography documentation  that began formally in 2009.

Since 2000, she has participated in many gallery shows and solo exhibitions throughout New York City, Brooklyn, Long Island City, NY, Atlanta, GA, Southern CA and Miami, FL.  Her work has also been prominently displayed and sold to a variety of collectors through alternative spaces such as Starbucks, Tischman Speyer, the Swiss Hotel Group, Georgia Pacific, AT&T Corporate, Bo Concepts NYC and New York and Atlanta area galleries, restaurants and boutiques.

Her recent mixed media painting series, include “Subscribe; The Fashion Newsstand,” and  “Changing The Art of Fashion,” feature the most contemporary, edgy fashion magazine covers with a chic “before and after” adorned them.  “My love of the obvious (city and fashion), all blend together providing viewers with new, interesting things to grasp, over and over again.  I enjoy taking the “beautiful” magazine covers, advertisements, etc. and making them gritty and distorted, after all most magazines strongly distort the images and perceptions we are forced to observe. I’m just taking it a few steps further, artistically blending the glamour and grit, per say.”

Leanna’s photography series are entitled “Extreme Fashion Window Design In NYC” which pays the upmost respect to the most mind-blowing, stunning, creative window designers/designs in Manhattan from a passer-by’s point of view, portraying again, the glamour and grit of the city.   Another series “Trashion” is a photo series of the “overly expensive and excessive branding” found in an unlikely place, the trash.  Her continued Street Savvy” /documentation continues also on a daily basis.

Leanna has a 16 year background in corporate sales and marketing.  She currently works as lead sales specialist for a major department store and a french clothing designer and has assisted on various television and movie sets in wardrobe and costume styling.  She also manages her own art writing, blogging and documentation organization; “Art & Fashion Salon” and can be seen at countless NYC gallery exhibits weekly, (with the camera!) blogging for “the Salon” and a variety of other art related websites.

All new mixed media art, photography and curating events will be announced in Fall 2013. She will also be showing a new body of her own work in late 2013/14.  “Extreme Fashion Window Design in NYC,”(Photography) book is scheduled for release in 2014.